“Our job is to help you find your own answers and to see that wisdom within yourself. As you see the wisdom within yourself you will embrace more of yourself than you ever thought possible."

– Adironnda & The Council of Light

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The Channeler's Method

This brand new, self-paced, online channeling course features 7 modules containing 55 video lessons (4-30 minutes each) so you can fit them into your life. Here's what's also included:


  • Step-by-step instruction from 2 seasoned channelers (one with over 23 years experience)
  • Extensive "The Channeler's Method" workbook with exercises, areas for note-taking and more
  • Delightful and enlightening messages from Adironnda, and so much more!

free on demand training

"3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Internal GPS, Calm the Chaos, and Live Your Light"

In this webinar, you'll learn juicy techniques you can begin using right away, and receive answers to our most asked questions on this topic!


“We are asking each of you to step into your abilities. If you do not, your abilities will be given to another to carry the torch. Keep the torch going. You are the light bearers.”

– The Galactics

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These programs are great complements to "The Channeler's Method." Click below for more detailed information.

Leverage Your Akash

In this 2-hour replay from a live workshop, you'll learn how to visit your Akashic Records, anytime for an unforgettable experience.

Soul Sound Activations

You'll receive a 52-Track audio journey and musical activation compilation created by our "master musician," Randy Luna.

The Channeler's Academy

In this advanced, 12-module online program, you'll learn from Marilyn how to channel professionally and establish a business.

The Double Digits

A 90-minute, monthly webcast featuring a powerful Activation, Q&A, and 'State of the Multiverse' Message from Adironnda.

Holographic Healing (Level 1 of 5)

With this alternative healing modality, you can expand your ability as a health intuitive and visualize the body returning to balance.


“You create every aspect of your world. Understand that everything is possible. Ask for that energy to come to you.”

– Adironnda & The Council of Light

Marilyn Harper
& Joeaux Robey

A professional Channel since 1999, Marilyn has helped thousands of people to awaken their own intuitive muscles, and connect with those energies from the Light who reside within the realm of your Higher Self. Utilizing the same method Marilyn uses to channel Adironnda & The Council of Light, she's co-created a series of exercises and activations so you can experience your innate abilities, and begin to bring in your own information.


Joeaux encountered her business partner, Marilyn, more than a decade ago after a major Spiritual transformation that led her to walk away from her Corporate career. Also a teacher and channel for Spirit,  she now applies those business and technical skills to Adironnda's mission, and assists other Spiritual businesses through her brand, Soulopreneur. Joeaux used these same practices to learn how to channel from Marilyn and Adironnda.


Adironnda is a spokes-being from the 17th Dimension, channeled through Marilyn. “They, Adironnda & the Council of Light, represent a council of guides, angels, Master Teachers from Earth no longer in physical form” and deliver messages to help awaken the people of this planet. They are loving and funny and gently assist in the healing of the heart, the past, and activate whatever is in your highest good to be activated for the betterment of humanity.



The hidden meanings of numerology according to Adironnda are revealed here for the first time in our book

Double Digitology explores how to decode the messages you are being sent by the Universe. PLUS, it assists in finding your own personal life lessons, personality expressed, and destiny numbers, through the teachings of Adironnda, an Angelic being from the 17th Dimension.


“You are a light shifter... you are the radiant heart of this planet. You shift everything when you shift your consciousness.”

– Adironnda & The Council of Light